A Redemption Story

Not Blue Lake Pass, but it is the top of something!

Good things happen in high places

Last year I shared a story of a horrible choice I made on the trail in the blog post titled One Bad Decision. When simple decisions gone wrong can end in hunger, a sleepless night, or even the loss of life or limb, I made a bad one. Long story short, I failed to give a handsome man who I enjoyed a good half hour of trailside chit chat with my number before we hiked off in opposite directions. That mistake was made at the literal bottom of a valley; redemption would come on top of a pass.

I was determined to redeem myself but the task would be difficult. On 2013’s trip on the PCT we saw fellow hikers on a daily if not hourly basis. In 2014, on the Sierra High Route, we went days without seeing another hiker.  My odds of running into an eligible bachelor were slim. If there’s one thing the High Route will teach you though, it is not to give up just because the task before you seems impossible. I just had to look for my opportunity.


Looking back down the uncrowded approach to Blue Lake Pass

Opportunity came on top of Blue Lake Pass.


Enjoying the top of Potluck Pass

When you get to the top of a pass there is a lot to do. It usually starts with dropping your pack. Then there’s snacking, picture taking, map reading, and generally reveling in the fact that you finally made it to the top.

When we made it to the top of Blue Lake Pass pass we were amused to find a register.  Registers are usually found on top of peaks but we weren’t going to get hung up on geographic details. A register can come in many varieties but the key elements are a weather proof container like a coffee can, or glass jar, nestled in a protective pile of rocks and stuffed with whatever scraps of paper fellow hikers had on hand. As we snacked, reclined and enjoyed the end of this particular uphill battle we read the notes left behind by previous hikers and before we departed we left our own entry, complete with a bit of a redemptive effort. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

3 responses to “A Redemption Story

  1. FWIW I didn’t find my soulmate until I hit 70… Not to say you need to wait that long, but I had given up entirely and then he showed up! Sometimes things just work out that way.

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