Living between Earth and Sky


It seems apparent that 90% of eHarmony members claim in their profile that they hike and practice yoga.  (I’ve done the research.)  But, when I say I hike, I mean I hiked 450 miles last summer.  And, when I say I do yoga, I mean I was in the middle of completing a yoga teacher training when I did it.  I wonder what others mean.

I’ll tell you this though, there may not be any two endeavors that go as well together as hiking and yoga.

Last week I was rereading yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar’s Light on Life and was struck by the section titled Living between Earth and Sky.  I love the words Iyengar uses.

 We human beings live between the two realities of earth and sky.Image

Iyengar says that, “The earth stands for all that is practical, material, tangible, and incarnate.  . . . It is Nature.”  He then explains that the sky, or heavens, is perfect, universal, omnipresent and eternal.

We stand somewhere between them.


Karen, feet planted on Mather Pass, head in the heavers.

I’ve felt this so many times on the trail, surrounded by the Sierra wilderness. I’m firmly grounded in the physical landscape I’m walking across but strongly connected to something much bigger.

As we make our way down the trail Iyengar says, that the heavens “offer us a fixed point, an orientation like a perfect north on a compass.” But the best part is that, “The compass is ourselves.”


“So humankind stands with its feet planted squarely on the earth, . . . and its head in the sky.” -Iyengar

I love turning myself towards that true north and hiking down that trail, my feet planted squarely on the earth and my head in the sky.


Rich caught my morning yoga

Every morning I practiced yoga to get the kinks out from yesterday and prepare for the new day. Every day I lived between Earth and Sky.  In the evenings a reclined pigeon pose was nothing short of miraculously healing for my hips.

So yes eHarmony, I hike and I practice yoga. If you do too maybe I’ll wink at you.


3 responses to “Living between Earth and Sky

  1. When speaking with Dean and Margaret Lesher, Contra Costa Newspaper magnates, back in the 80’s at a Restore Hetch Hetchy event, I mentioned backpacking and my love of Yosemite, to which Margaret effusively replied, “Oh, we just LOVE nature. We have a Bierstadt hanging in our dining room!” I knew we had a misunderstanding but I don’t think Margaret understood how much.

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