Endless stories

This is my trail log entry from June 23rd, after just a week on the trail:


Nine miles in from Echo Lake, just a mile or so short of camp for the night, Rich and I sat down for a quick break in the mezzanine section of a magnificent amphitheater.   As we sat there snacking on trail mix I was struck by how much wild and beautiful country there is and how many endless stories are being told.  Here we watched the quiet story of the water cycle.  To our right snow melted from the high walls dribbling down the hillsides around us and eventually joining together below our seats to form a little creek.


We had mezzanine seats in the amphitheater.

Later in the day I enjoyed a quiet break in camp while Rich went off and explored the area.  The duck I watched that afternoon on Shower Lake swam and preened and rested in the sun.  Later in the evening the stormy wind whipped and swirled across the lake creating a water ballet that no Vegas show could top.


Full disclosure:  I somehow managed to leave Shower Lake without a single picture. This is a very similar water show to the one I saw there, being played out on Lost Lakes a few days later.

Endless stories of these sorts are being told in the wilderness.  I love that I got to see some of them.  I love that they exist.  I wish everyone knew about them.


Hiking on to discover the next story.

Want to know what ever came of that stormy weather?  Refer to the post about The Most Beautiful Sight.

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